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Like ripples on a pond, Math Circles expand ever outward: from our beginnings in one classroom at Harvard to encompass new minds, new topics, and new countries. Last October Masake K. LY, one of our Global Math Circle leaders, travelled to Nairobi in Kenya to give a demonstration of our approach at the invitation of professors at Strathmore and Kenyatta Universities and their colleagues from the African Maths Initiative. They had heard about the success of the Math Circle approach in Brazil and were eager to see it in action.


During five joyous days, twenty-four teachers and nearly 90 kids learned and applied the experience of creating math for themselves, exploring interesting problems in collegial groups. New circles sprang up in Nairobi almost immediately after the end of the visit. You can read Masake’s full report here.

This is an essential part of what we do: bringing the seed of new circles to places where teachers and students are eager to move away from rote-learning and repetition to true, shared discovery. As one of the Nairobi teachers put it, “Seeing faces brighten up whose numbers kept on increasing shows that indeed this approach could spur curiosity, creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.”


Part of our tuition charge and all of the donations we receive go to this mission: helping the ripples spread even farther around the world. If you would like to help, please donate to our cause.