Online Leader Training Institute

        Why should most people be scared or bored to death by the deepest of our arts, mathematics? Because it’s served up by rote, with a dressing of fear. Our remedy is radical: tell no one anything, but drop a fascinating problem in their midst, and let them collegially play, discuss, conjecture and try proving their guesses — together. No grades, no tests, no invidious comparisons; the leader lets wrong guesses run their natural course, as the explorers tack their way as sailors do, against a headwind of misconceptions.

Practical Matters:

Institutes are led by Robert Kaplan in hour-long sessions – including two sessions of practice for each participant with volunteer students – with discussion and comment from all. The tuition for an Institute is  $250. Scholarships are available; if you need to apply for one, please contact us.


An Institute is not a teacher-training course. Many people attend an Institute with no intention of going on to lead circles with us, but simply because they’re interested. Those who do want to offer circles on our platform usually find an Institute a helpful guide to the method and an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with others who are enthusiastic about collegial, non-competitive discovery of math.


For those who are intending to go on to offer circles on our platform, we can arrange a deferment of the institute tuition, to be deducted from the fees they receive from their first circle. We try to and almost always succeed in filling circles for new leaders, but would not pursue the fee if this is not successful. We can’t guarantee that parents will sign up for circles, so we can’t guarantee that a new leader will make a specific fee.


The Global Math Circle is not and has never been about money or career advancement. It is an informal community with a shared interest in collegial discovery. Leaders receive fees so that they can commit time to their vocation without sacrificing too much. We charge parents in order to be able to pass on enough to keep leaders involved, and to support the systems that make it all possible. The joy in discovery is what matters.


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